Haiku Community Association

1. Should Maui County be planning for impacts that global climate change could have on the amount of rain that will fall on Maui? What actions would you propose to adjust Maui’s economy and growth demands if studies show long term Maui rainfall levels dropping over the next few decades.

Yes. Office of Resilience. Kūpuna Council and Youth Corps. Activate the Resilience Games.

Plant choke trees. 10x support for Re-tree Hawaii. Bonus for food security crops. Mandatory soil conservation and remediation practices. Every time a dust devil spins out from privately managed lands, the responsible private party should be fined with the monies going to a County Wide Biocultural Restoration fund.

2. Do you support the Charter amendment proposed to be placed on the 2022 ballot that establishes 7 member regional Planning commissions ? Why or why not?

Yes, with monies going to supporting diversity and inclusion, so participation in the political process is representative.

3. As a council member what steps would you take to provide safe places where people who live in their car can park, with access to bathrooms, showers, laundry facility, charging stations, a kitchen and services to transition into housing?

Create strong incentives (bonuses and recognition) and support for county parks to partners with community-based organizations to deliver humanitarian services that ensure the basic safety, respect and dignity of all.

4. Haiku farmers have little access to heavily diverted stream waters, even if families have kuleana water rights. As a councilmember how would you advocate for local farmers to have access to Haiku stream waters?

Staff and equip the East Maui Water Authority with resources and talent to match the importance of their kuleana.

5. The present Haiku-Paia Community Plan was adopted with language that requires the water needs of the Haiku-Pa’ia CP area to be met first before Ha’iku ground water is transferred to other parts of the island. There has been a push to get rid of that language when the plan is upgraded. Do you support the current language or would you support it being eliminated?

Water rights must be managed with the utmost transparency and professionalism, by utilizing direct observation from local stewards, augmented by a mesh network of sensory data that offers real-time stream flow, and predictive climate data systems to create a water system management dashboard owned and operated on behalf of the community.

6. Dumping trash and cars is a problem in the Haiku area and all over Maui. If elected: what solutions would you propose and in what timeframe?

A currency for wreck reclamation to fund the work required to transform dumped cars to earthwork housing and ag structures. Metacurrency design conversation starts now - with rapid prototyping implementation to test assumptions and validate scalable models.

7. Ha’iku and Upcountry residents would like to see iconic Pu’u Kauhikoa (“AKA Giggle Hill” ) preserved as part of the adjoining 4th Marine Park- as is shown in our Community Plan. The land is reportedly being sold. As a councilmember what could you do to honor our community plan and protect this culturally and historically important site?

A Cathedral for Arborists and Open Air Health Center for Families, Dedicated to Veterans.

8. Ha’iku and other parts of Maui have many disputes over land titles often from land parcels, dating back to the Great Mahele as Land Commission Awards. What means would you as a Council person suggest to support kuleana land owners trying to resolve these disputes and have clear title to their lands?

Pewa a ho'oponopono ipu to mālama the pilina of kuleana stewards.
(Neither kumu or Google Translate was consulted in the formation of this answer. E kala mai!)

9. There are 1,500 registrations for water meters on the Upcountry water meter list. As a Council member how would you propose identifying a solution for those families who have waited decades for a solution?

The solutions have been proposed. The process is broken. Fix the process. Shift the culture. Lomi the system.